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Williams-Sonoma Inc.'s Supply Chain organization is the backbone of our company. Our Distribution Centers serve as vital connections between factories and our retail, online and mail-order customers around the world. We also own and operate a growing manufacturing base right here in the United States, proudly producing nearly all of the upholstered furniture and much of the lighting sold through our brands. The Supply Chain environment is dynamic and fast-paced, and the network is expanding rapidly. If you are an expert in global logistics, manufacturing, engineering, transportation, finance, human resources, or home delivery and have a passion for quality and customer service, our Supply Chain Organization may just be the place for you.
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Bed Upholsterer (Insider)Claremont, NC
Border Puller/Eton UnloaderClaremont, NCSep 21, 2021
Business Analyst IClaremont, NCMar 14, 2022
Co-Delivery DriverClaremont, NC
Cover PullClaremont, NCMay 26, 2022
Cushion FillerClaremont, NCJun 9, 2022
Cushion SewerClaremont, NCJun 13, 2022
Director of EngineeringClaremont, NCApr 29, 2022
Double Needle SewerClaremont, NCJun 9, 2022
EXEMPT: GOMClaremont, NCApr 28, 2022
Frame BuilderClaremont, NCMar 24, 2022
Frame Builder: Cart LineClaremont, NCNov 5, 2021
Furniture Manufacturing Fabric Receiving and PickingClaremont, NCJun 13, 2022
Furniture PackerClaremont, NCJun 9, 2022
Gerber OperatorClaremont, NCJun 13, 2022
Human Resources Administrative Assistant Claremont, NCMay 17, 2022
Inside UpholstererClaremont, NCAug 11, 2022
Leather Flatwork SewerClaremont, NCMay 26, 2022
Leather Sewer Claremont, NCMay 26, 2022
Leather, Cushions, and Back SewerClaremont, NCMay 26, 2022
Manager of Purchasing Claremont, NCAug 10, 2022
Open PositionsClaremont, NCMar 3, 2021
Operations Manager - Frame/Spring UpClaremont, NCJan 31, 2022
Operations Manager - WE ShiftClaremont, NC
Operations Manager- Weekend ShiftClaremont, NCJan 31, 2022
Progressive Line UpholsteryClaremont, NCMar 3, 2021
Safety CoordinatorClaremont, NCAug 15, 2022
Slip Cover Sewer Claremont, NCJul 21, 2022
Spring Up Claremont, NCAug 15, 2022
Sutter St- Spring UpClaremont, NCMar 20, 2021
Tufting Specialist Claremont, NCMay 26, 2022
Upholstery Line Supervisor Claremont, NCJul 19, 2022
Upholstery Trimmer Specialist Claremont, NCMay 25, 2022
Zipper SewerClaremont, NCMay 25, 2022
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